Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,                                                                                                   November 2016

As the Autumn season ends and winter sets in there is often the gloom that plunders in as well due to the cold, damp, and darkness that are a simple fact of winter.  But as the change unfolds there are some bright, warm and joyful thoughts to ponder.  There is the gratefulness that comes with Thanksgiving, the blessing of the Miracle of CHRISTmas, and joy of the Autumn harvest.  The Lord allowed us to have a nice little garden this year, and it produced rather well.  Our family was able to do some canning and freeze several things from the harvest.  And on that note the Lord also allowed us to see the harvest of a soul as well this Autumn!  Mr. M has been attending our services quite faithfully for around two years.  After listening intently and several witnessing moments "Mr." concluded that he needed something more than a life-long cultural religion.  One Sunday in September after the service he declared, “this is my moment—I need to get saved!”  What a joy it was for all of us to see another soul snatched from an eternity without Christ in hell.  Pray with us as we continue with discipleship and prepare for baptism.  You might also be praying with us for others who attend but have yet to accept Jesus as their Saviour. 

In October, the Lord allowed us to take some of our kids up to a joint youth rally that another missionary in Dublin was hosting.  There were five independent Baptist mission churches represented which brought out over 30 young people.  There were three young men who had each given up very promising careers heading into professional soccer.  These three guys realized that there was something missing in their lives, and along the way each concluded through some witness that they needed salvation in Christ.  This was a great testimony and challenge to our kids.

Lisa continues to improves slowly after the surgery.  She simply needs to be able to have her system restored and her body to regain strength from months of chronic fatigue.  Somehow by God’s grace she was able to manage to do her afternoon session at the annual ladies retreat that another missionary’s wife host for the ladies here in Ireland.  Do keep Lisa in prayer as she continues with some follow up treatment. The kids are doing well. Kaleb and Kari pressing on with homeschool.  Kaley is taking on line college classes as well as doing a diploma course in nutrition here in Ireland.  Karissa is taking online classes as well and is also teaching harp lessons to a couple of young girls.

One other note for prayer and that is concerning our Christmas packet outreach.  We are getting things ready and the time will be here before we know it.  The guys who supply our tracts designed a great tract for our theme this year which is “Peace”.

Thank you for the special gifts that were sent to help with Lisa’s surgery which was denied cover by the insurance as being dental.  We are thrilled and blessed to say that God has met this need in full in a marvelous way!

May the Lord find us faithful,
Don and Lisa Thatcher & Family

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kaley Graduation

Dear Friends,
We are looking forward to a great day tomorrow as we celebrate Kaley's completion of High School.  Though she finished back in May we have waited to have the open house celebration until now in August.  She is a hard worker and has finished with a 3.93 gpa.  I have attached a few "senior Pictures" that we took around here.  We went out on several occasions and to many select location to take some memorable pictures for a photo album that we had made for Kaley.  This is something that we have done with each of the kids as they have finished school.  I am only sending about 6 as I figured 200 would be a bit much!     Anyway, just wanted to share a few with you and ask that you be praying for Kaley concerning direction in her life.  At this point she is staying with us one more year and doing more online college
God bless,
Don Thatcher

August 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,                                           August 2016

It has been a good summer so far here in Waterford.  Our special meetings with Evangelist Jones from Tennessee went very well. We had most of our folks in attendance as well as two visitors out for the services on that Sunday.  The Lord used the messages to stir up the fires in our hearts for the Lord.  Since the meetings it seems that the Holy Spirit is bringing conviction into the life of at least one who is not saved but attends our services.  Brother Jones was able to go out on the doors with me, had some really good witnessing opportunities.

Later in July we held our summer holiday Bible club and used Noah and the flood as our theme.  Our high day attendance was 20 kids.  It was a great opportunity to present sin, judgment and salvation to the kids.  The lessons seemed to stir the kid’s hearts and minds especially in this day of evolution and atheism.  This year our daughters were a huge help (as alwaysJ).  They did puppets and helped with teaching the lesson on flannel graph.  Everything we do in the work here in Waterford is a family effort. 

Lisa and the kids all have a huge part in so many aspects of the ministry here.  The girls have been playing their instruments almost every Sunday service.  This past year has been a huge step forward for each of them in becoming so much more proficient and confident in their playing.

As we moved into August we were blessed to have the Herbert Family with us for a Sacred/classical concert on one evening.  We put flyers up and invited many folks.  About 45 people turned up for the evening.  The following day the Herbert’s spent the morning right up to lunch giving master classes to our folks on a variety of instrument as well as some help with singing and harmonizing.

As I close this letter I would ask that you please be in prayer with us as I will be taking Lisa to Switzerland for a procedure and treatment concerning her teeth/jaw on September 12th.  The shorter version is that they have determined that there has been a low grade infection likely stemming from some poorly done, old dental work that has encapsulated itself and has caused cavitation in the jaw bones.  The body does not realize that it is there to fight it, and it in turn continues to release its toxins into her body.  They will go in and thoroughly clean this out and rebuild these areas with a procedure using her own blood.  This long term problem has also affected two other teeth that will be dealt with at this time as well.  We will need to stay in Switzerland for the remainder of the week before being able to return home to Ireland. Pray with us for the Lord’s provision as this will take us beyond our dental limit.  Lord willing, this will enable Lisa to “feel” well again.  She is not a whiner or lazy by any stretch, but this has really worn her down over the past couple years. So, pray with us!  Thanks to so many that have made inquiry as to “how it is going” with all of this.

May the Lord find us faithful,
Don and Lisa Thatcher & Family